Film Jobs

This page is a list of film jobs and what they do. Not all terms have been defined. Comment the definition of terms you know to fill this in faster. If you feel a definition needs to be changed, use the contact form on the home page to tell me.


Assistant Producer – A person who does a limited number of producing functions delegated to him/her by the producer.

Audio Engineer – The person who records, manipulates, and mixes recordings for the film.

Best Boy – Assistant to the department head of electric or grip.

Boom Operator – The person who is in charge of boom operation. Assistant to the Audio Engineer.

Camera Operator – A person in the film crew consisting of the Director of Photography.

Casting Director – The person in charge of casting for the film.

Chief Lighting Technician  In charge of lighting on the film set. Takes orders from the Cinematographer. (Gaffer)

Cinematographer – This person is the chief over the camera and lighting crews on a film set. (Director of PhotographyDPDoP)

Concept Artist – Artist that creates depictions of ideas.

Costume Designer – Person in charge of designing costumes for films.

Costume Illustrator – Person in charge of illustrating the costumes for the costume designer.

Dialogue Editor – The editor that is responsible for editing dialogue in the film.

Digital Color Specialist

Digital Compositor


Director of Photography – See Cinematographer

Film Editor

Film Educator

Film Promoter

Global Film Strategist

Gaffer – See Chief Lighting Technician



Interactive Art Director

Location Manager

Location Scout

Make-up Artist

Media Director

Media Planner

Motion Graphics Designer

Music Editor

Producer – Handles all the finances of the film, hires the cast, crew, and director and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Production Assistant

Production Manager

Production Designer – Creates the style of the sets, props, and visual details that give the film a unique look

Scoring Crew


Script Supervisor

Set Designer

Set Lighting Technician

Sound Effects Editor

Sound Effects Recordist

Special Effects Director

Steadicam Operator – The person who operates a Steadicam.

Title Designer

Visual Effects Designer

Visual Effects Supervisor


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