Drone Use

How many of us are videographers? Filmographers? Cinematographers? Photographers? Well apparently if you were looking at getting a drone to add a little height to your video, giving yourself some cool overhead shots, you cannot use it because it is now illegal in some states. You read that right, illegal. That’s not to say that you can’t at all. If you register it and keep that registration on you at all times, you can.

The FAA and individual state governments cannot keep us from flying them, but apparently they can stop us from recording what the drone sees. Now what do we do with those DJI Phantoms we just bought? THEY ARE MADE TO HAVE A CAMERA MOUNTED. SOME EVEN HAVE CAMERAS BUILT IN.

In order to use the footage for your business, you will have to aquire a permit from the FAA, which can be tough. Not to mention that the registration costs $25. You already pay over $500 for the drone and they want you to shell out more money. You could be like me, struggling to save up enough for the drone itself, then you have to give up $25 that you may not have to be able to use it outside. If you have a small house or not much space, it will be hard to do much with your drone.

Any drone with a price below $100 retail is probably safe from registration as they have a minimum weight of 0.55 lbs.

Maybe we should all move to Washington (not DC). The governor, Jay Inslee VETOED the law. I like him!

If you want to know if it is illegal in your state, follow this link: https://www.aclu.org/blog/technology-and-liberty/status-2014-domestic-drone-legislation-states



Photo from DJI