I am Austin Triggs. I started Disizit Studios in 2010, started producing content in 2011, and started posting in 2012. I am currently attending Madison Media Institute for Video Production and Editing.

You can find Disizit Studios in many places, doing many things. YouTube is the first place Disizit Studios appeared. Posting since 2012 with a point and shoot camera to a camcorder and now with a DSLM and the other equipment I have now. To see my professional video work, check out my PortfolioRedbubble is where I upload most of my graphics and some photos. The Gallery is where my photos and graphics are all posted for viewing. For prints, use the form on the website. I am on Printer’s Studio for playing cards and I may be expanding soon. I am on Facebook, TwitterTumblr, and Google+ to cover social media so everyone has coverage of all of the things happening with Disizit Studios. I have a blog where I along with others post about almost anything.

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